Open Door

The Open Door Takeover surrounds the publisher’s entire website and entices the users to check it out. Users can click on the leader board or MPU to open the doors to an amazing ad, without even leaving the original website. It provides a high-definition creative canvas, where you can display information, release videos or share photo galleries. With the help of this format and your vivid imagination, a sensational campaign can be built!

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300x250 → 1440x1030 HTML5, Autoplay, On Click, Open Door, Video, Wallpaper DIRECT
1440x1030 HTML5, Floating, Open Door, Video DIRECT
NZZ 994x250 HTML5, Open Door, Video DIRECT
Netpoint MediaRTB
300x250 → 1440x1030 RTB
994x250 HTML5, Autoplay, Countdown, Leaderboard, Video DIRECT
Quarter MediaDIRECT
300x250 → 1440x1030 HTML5, Floating, On Click, Open Door, Video RTB
300x250 → 980x120 HTML5, Video, Wallpaper DIRECT
1440x1030 HTML5, Autoplay, Open Door, Video DIRECT
300x250 → 1440x1030 HTML5, Click to Call, Open Door, Video DIRECT
WebSystem 990x90 → 1440x1030 HTML5, Custom Solution, Open Door, Video DIRECT
Zurnal24 1440x1030 HTML5, Autoclose, Autoplay, Floating, Open Door, Video DIRECT

Creative Examples

Land Rover - The New Discovery

Creative agency: Spark44

Media agency: Mindshare

Škoda Kodiaq - Simply Clever

Creative agency: N/A

Media agency: N/A

Dacia - The New Duster - Open Door

Creative agency: N/A

Media agency: N/A