Fonecta Enterprise Solutions

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Fonecta Enterprise Solutions provides comprehensive solutions with measurable results to help businesses succeed.

Fonecta Enterprise Solutions provide a unique combination of technology, customer data, marketing technology, online advertising and online metrics as well as creative solutions. The Company can help you in all channels: online, traditional or digital direct marketing – focusing on specific fields or acting as a full-scale subcontractor. The solutions it provides can be fully integrated to be part of our customer’s operation.

Supported brand formats

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980x400 → 980x600 HTML5, Autoplay, IAB, Pushdown, Video DIRECT
1x1 HTML5, Out-Stream Sticky DIRECT
300x300 Call, Dynamic Content, Gyro Shake, Gyro Tilt, Out-Stream, Product Explorer, Slider, Store Locator, Video DIRECT
Synchronized980x400 HTML5, Leaderboard, Wallpaper DIRECT