Sanoma is an inspiring, relevant and trusted consumer media company. It is known for its quality content and strong media brands, most of which are market leaders in Finland: Ilta-Sanomat in digital, Nelonen Media in commercial TV and radio, Helsingin Sanomat in newspapers and Kuukausiliite, ET and Donald Duck in magazines. Sanoma’s close relationships with its consumers enable the company to offer unique value-adding marketing solutions to its business partners.

Supported brand formats

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620x620 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis DIRECT
Double Open Door1680x800 HTML5, Floating, Video DIRECT
980x400 → 1200x620 HTML5, 3D Box, Expanding, Vertical Axis DIRECT
980x400 → 1280x700 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis DIRECT
MRAID 3D Cube1x1 Custom Solution, Responsive DIRECT
300x250 Custom Solution RTB
300x300 Custom Solution RTB
MRAID Standard1x1 Custom Solution, Responsive, Video DIRECT
1x1 Custom Solution, Responsive, Slider DIRECT
300x250 Custom Solution, Slider RTB
300x250 → 1x1 Custom Solution, Video RTB
300x300 → 1x1 Custom Solution, Video RTB
300x300 Custom Solution, Slider RTB
140x350 HTML5 RTB
160x600 HTML5 RTB
300x250 HTML5 RTB
336x280 HTML5 RTB
468x400 HTML5 RTB
728x90 HTML5, Leaderboard RTB
980x120 HTML5 RTB
980x400 HTML5 RTB
980x400 HTML5, Gallery, Slider DIRECT
Synchronized Takeover300x250 → 800x500 HTML5, Click to Float DIRECT
300x250 → 980x120 → 1440x1030 HTML5, Open Door DIRECT
980x400 HTML5, Wallpaper RTB

Creative Examples

Itella Postal Services

Creative agency: Dagmar

Media agency: Dagmar