Synchronized Takeover

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This is a Manual for creating a Giant Panorama + wallpaper in Sanoma inventory

The format consists of the following parts:

  • 980 (w) x 400 (h) standard ad HTML5 stage.
  • Wallpaper.

Please remember to add the additional JS code to the tag! Instructions can be found at the end of the manual.

User experience

A user opens the webpage and sees a 980x400+ Wallpaper appears. User click on the banner and redirects him to landing page.

Creative assets

The following items are to be delivered by a creative agency:

  • An HTML5 File for Standard Banner.
  • Wallpaper image
  • Banner assets containing manifest.json file and HTML file zipped together with images, scripts and other material.

NOTE: manifest.json file and HTML file should be in the root directory of the .zip file.

NOTE: In order to use Adform components for HTML, it is necessary to define global preloadQueue array, where you push all the wanted components to preload before script execution and to load Adform.DHTML.js

INFO: Please refer to the Video Player component for more detailed information on component setup and behavior.

Manifest.json file

  • Manifest.json file should define the ad dimensions and the HTML file which is used as a banner source.
  • HTML file should include Adform HTML library which enables the banner to receive a clickTAG variable:
    <script src=""></script>

How to setup

User should first create a simple TPAS (direct) Synchronised rich media tag. Created tag should be used in a third party banner that has dimensions of 1920x1080, when buying programmatically.

Creating Rich Media Banner

In order to create a Rich Media ad, navigate to the Banners page, then click the Create button and select Rich Media Ad option from the drop-down menu.

Creating Initial stage Banners (Standard)

  1. In the Initial Settings step, name your banner, select Category as “Dsiplay” and Format as “Standard”. Select a Banner Batch from the drop-down menu.
  2. When it's done, click the Next button.
  3. In the next step, you are asked to select or upload assets. If you have previously uploaded the assets to the system, click the Select button and choose Banner source, i.e. select HTML File named HTML_Standard. Make sure that the clickTAG is present.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Adjust the Settings:
  6. When done, click the Save button in order to see the preview. If everything is fine, click the Submit button.

Creating Synchronized Banner

  1. Finally, create a Synchronized Ad which will be the Synchronized Takeover Ad. When in the Banners page (1), click on Create button and select the "Synchronized Ad" option from the drop-down menu (2).
  2. When a new page opens, you have to select previously created Standard Leaderboard (980x400) banner.
    Do not forget to name the banner by adding the Description.
  3. Secondly, you have to select the Wallpapper for the Synchronized banner.
  4. When done, click the Save button in order to see the preview. If everything is fine, click the Submit button.

Creating Third Party Banner

  1. Once you have the tag of Synchronized banner, create Third party banner:

  2. Paste Synchronized tag, add dimensions 1920x1080 and press Accept button:

  3. Finally click SAVE button and you have Third Party banner created

Additional info

Additional JS code should be implemented to the tag: