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Standard Banners with Helios parameters

The script that is placed before the Adform main tag automatically transfers Helios parameters to the banner. The banner source should include certain (flashvar) script to receive this data.

Creative assets

HTML5 banners

Helios/FlashVars Script:
var myParam = dhtml.getVar('HeliosVarName'); // for HTML

The following items are to be delivered by a creative agency:

  • Zip for HTML5 ad, which includes manifest.json, html file and other material (CSS, JS files,
    images) required for animation etc.

NOTE:If producing HTML5 responsive ad unit for mobile/tablet, please refer to the responsive ad production guide/template.


  • Max Initial Download File Size: 60kb,
  • Any Rich Media activity on user activation only.
  • Landing page URL opens in a new window.

Additional info

For further details on how to produce the HTML5 Adform-compliant ads please refer to the Adform Test and Support Center:


For any questions please contact [email protected]