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This is an easy to use responsive wallpaper template.

User experience

A user opens the webpage and sees a wallpaper in the background, which comprises two responsive images.

Creative assets

The following items are needed:

  • A 1920x1080px background image, which can be .jpg .gif or .png file.
  • A text and/or CTA content image. Recommended dimensions are 1920x520px. The image can be .png .gif or .jpg (transparent elements are not available).

How to setup

  • Open the template in Studio.
  • To add a background image: click on the 1st asset name and swap the image with the new one from your local directory or choose to add a link to your file stored online.
  • To add a content image repeat the same process for 2nd asset as with the background image.

Additional info

In order to deliver HTML5 banners fully compliant with the specs, follow the instructions on Producing HTML5 banners in Adform Test and Support Center: http://creative.adform.com/support

Supported Browsers

Desktop browser version
Internet Explorer 8 (and bellow) not supported (backup image)
Internet Explorer 9 fully supported
Internet Explorer 10 & 11 fully supported
Edge fully supported
Firefox (newest version) fully supported
Chrome (newest version) fully supported
Safari (newest version) fully supported

Tablet Operating System Browser
iOS 8.1 (and above) Safari & Chrome
Android 4.0 (and above) Native, Chrome & Firefox