MRAID Standard

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MRAID Standard offers a highly customizable yet non-intrusive user experience. The banner can contain text, images as well as any type of rich media and it can also respond to fit in any placement.

User experience

A user opens the webpage or an application and sees a standard banner inside a placement. The content of the banner itself can be customized according to the client's needs.

Creative assets

The following items are to be delivered by a creative agency:

  • Banner asset containing manifest.json file and HTML file zipped together with images, scripts and other material.

HTML5 Studio

Feature Technical Documentation HTML5 Studio
Standard Documentation Template
Click to Call Documentation Template
Dynamic Content Documentation Template
Gyro Shake Documentation Template
Gyro Tilt Documentation Template
Outstream Documentation Template
Product Explorer Documentation Template
Slider Documentation Template
Store Locator Documentation Template
Scratch Documentation Template
Video Documentation Template

How to setup

The 320x320 pagebreak is a custom format to be used for Delfi websites. To keep intended features we strongly suggest to avoid editing banner code.
To produce the banner, you will need two assets :
· 1920x1080 .png image
· 1080x1920 .png image

Please be aware that in need of any modifications or animations please test directly with the publisher or refer to Adform production team.

To adapt the template to your assets:

  1. Select „Template“ which will take you to Adform HTML Studio.
  2. Adjust landing page :

Head into the file browser (1) , and re-upload portrait image 1080x1920 (2) and landscape (3) with your images.

Save banner settings (4) and Export the banner to an HTML Studio .zip file, or Import directly to a campaign on Adform (5).

Additional info

In order to deliver MRAID banners fully compliant with the specs, please follow the instructions on Producing MRAID banners in Adform Test and Support Page.

Supported Devices

OS version
iOS 7 (and above) fully supported
Android 4.0 (and above) fully supported
Windows Phone 8.1 (and above) fully supported