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This is a very unique and easily customizable MRAID Click to Fullscreen Template.

User experience

A user opens the application and sees the collapsed banner in the placement. On click or tap, the banner expands to full screen. Once expanded, the banner can offer various rich media experience. The expanded part accommodates a link to the predefined landing page. The ad maintains this size until the “Close” button is clicked. The ad expands as many times as the user clicks or taps on the collapsed part.

Creative assets

The following items are to be delivered by a creative agency:

  • Banner assets containing manifest.json file and HTML file zipped together with images, scripts and other material.


  • Clicking on the expanded part user navigates to a landing page URL in a new window..
  • Close-button location: upper-right.
  • Time-Stamp is required.


  • Audio mute button or volume control required.
  • Volume Control button is required.


  • Available on user initiation only (click). Off by default.
  • Video duration: 30 seconds max. Replay allowed with user initiation.
  • Stop and Play button controls required.

HTML5 Studio

Feature Technical Documentation HTML5 Studio
Click to Fullscreen Documentation Template
Video Documentation Template

How to setup

  1. In the Initial Settings step, name your banner, select Category as “Mobile” and Format as “Click to Fullscreen”. Select a Banner Batch from the drop-down menu.
  2. When it's done, click the Next button.
  3. In the next step, you are asked to select or upload assets. If you have previously uploaded the assets to the system, click the Select button and choose Banner source. Make sure that the clickTAG is present.
  4. Click the Next button and adjust the Settings.
  5. When done, click the Save button in order to see the preview. If everything is fine, click the Submit button.

Additional info

In order to deliver MRAID banners fully compliant with the specs, please follow the instructions on Producing MRAID banners in Adform Test and Support Page.

Supported Devices

OS version
iOS 7 (and above) fully supported
Android 4.0 (and above) fully supported
Windows Phone 8 (and above) fully supported