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This is a VPAID banner template which demonstrates basic VPAID capabilities.

User experience

A user starts playing a video clip and before it is loaded a video ad appears. The ad lasts for the intended number of seconds and once it finishes, the video clip is played.

Creative assets

The following items are to be delivered by a creative agency:

  • Video player needs a MP4 format video:
    • .mp4 video in HD resolution (recommended bitrate 1500 kbps, codec H264+ audio AAC).
    • .webm video in HD resolution (codec VP9 + audio Opus).



  • Audio starts automatically. Paused together with video.
  • Mute/Unmute button controls required.


  • Starts automatically.
  • Max video duration: 30 sec.
  • Pause, Play, Skip button controls required.

How to setup

Interactive Video Ad is an In-Stream format based on VAST and VPAID formats.

To create an Interactive video ad, click on Create button and choose the Interactive option from the video section.

There are 4 steps that have to be taken in order to create an Interactive Video Ad:

  1. First, you need to upload main asset (flash or HTML5). If the asset is already uploaded to the system, click on Select button and choose asset from the list. You are also able to upload asset from your device. In this case, click on Upload button or simply drag and drop your file to the box.

  2. In the General Settings step, name your creative and select a batch from the drop-down menu. Then define Playback Settings.

  3. In the Banner ClickTags section you are able to specify where the user is redirected on a click-through action. If uploaded assets contain a clickTag, it is automatically detected and you are able to select it from the drop-down list. You can also add a custom value, in order to do so, select the Other option from the drop-down menu and enter a necessary URL , then enter a Title . To add an additional ClickTag, click on Add new button.

  4. Custom Variables can be passed to Interactive Video Ads that are created in a dynamic way. Maximum length for a custom parameter or value is 100 characters. To add, edit or delete custom vars, use the Custom Variables fields

Additional info

In order to create Video In-Stream Banner fully compliant with the specs, follow the documentation on Support Center.

For any questions please contact [email protected]