Dynamic Skin Pushdown

The Dynamic Skin Pushdown format is a fantastic showcase for displaying an advertiser’s image gallery. On user initiation the skin changes according to the selected image, giving a nice consistency and customized brand experience. This format gives advertisers a way to increase brand awareness, engagement time and click-through rates.

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IP Adex 994x250 → 994x650 HTML5, On Click, Pushdown, Skin, Video DIRECT
VG 1010x150 → 1010x570, 180x700, 180x700 HTML5, Custom Solution, On Click, Pushdown, Skin, Video DIRECT
WebSystem 970x100 → 970x420 HTML5, Pushdown, Skin DIRECT

Creative Examples

Noon.com World Cup

Creative agency: Adform Production

Media agency: Perform MENA

GSK - Parodontax

Creative agency: Adform Creative Solutions

Media agency: MediaCom LT

Eprimo - Branding 2016

Creative agency: add2

Media agency: add2