Video Skin Marquee

The Video Skin format is a fantastic showcase for displaying an advertiser’s interactive video gallery. It is essentially a large interactive background ad, fully integrated with the browser. Videos are filtered to the user’s bandwidth, which means the quality of a video depends on the user’s internet connection speed. The Video Skin can be combined with a live screen grab to animate a pushdown effect on expansion. It adds to the functionality of the website by letting the advertiser display different video material when employing unused screen space. This format gives advertisers a way to increase brand awareness, engagement time and click-through rates.

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1200x800 HTML5, Video DIRECT
CBS InteractiveDIRECT
1200x800 DIRECT
Conde Nast 1x1 HTML5, Autoplay, On Click, Pushdown, Video Skin DIRECT
1200x800 HTML5, Autoplay, Expanding, On Click, Video, Video Skin DIRECT
1200x800 HTML5, Autoplay, On Click, Video, Video Skin DIRECT
Finance MediaDIRECT
1980x600 HTML5, Video Skin DIRECT
Group Medya 1200x800 DIRECT
1600x1000 HTML5 DIRECT
1600x1000 HTML5 DIRECT
1x1 → 1040x970 HTML5, Click to Call, Video Skin DIRECT
1200x800 HTML5, Autoplay, On Click, Pushdown, Video Skin DIRECT
1x1 HTML5, Video Skin RTB
1200x800 HTML5, Autoplay, On Click, Video Skin DIRECT
Sportnetwork 1x1 HTML5, Autoplay, Click to Call, On Click, Pushdown, Video, Video Skin DIRECT
1200x800 HTML5, Video Skin DIRECT
Yahoo 1440x1024 HTML5, Video Skin DIRECT

Creative Examples

DKNY - Be Delicious

Creative agency: Adform Creative Production

Media agency: N/A

Atupri - Rebranding 2016

Creative agency: N/A

Media agency: Branders