AdActive Media Agency is a team of experts with years of experience with the implementation of online marketing campaigns. The company represents major stakeholders - its customers include the Czech Internet servers, media and advertising agencies and end clients. AdActive invests in the development of its services and its clients and offers a complete service. With a wide range of servers cooperating allows very precise focus on the appropriate target group, creating advertising campaigns for peace and an effective appreciation of investments into advertising.

Supported brand formats

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300x250 → 300x1000 HTML5, Adtiles, Autoplay, Expanding, On Click, Video DIRECT
1000x300 → 1300x450 HTML5, 3D Box, Expanding, On Click, Vertical Axis DIRECT
Floating145x80 → 700x700 HTML5, AdTabs, Autoplay, Expanding, On Rollover, Video DIRECT
300x600 HTML5, Filmstrip, IAB, On Click, Video DIRECT
1000x200 HTML5, Horizontal Axis, Leaderboard, On Click, Slider DIRECT
Synchronized1000x100 → 1000x700 HTML5, Pushdown, Video, Wallpaper DIRECT
1000x200 → 760x600 HTML5, Click to Float, Video DIRECT
Video Skin MarqueeDIRECT
1200x800 HTML5, Video DIRECT