Adrino is a mobile ad network, specializing in the sale and issue of campaign in
the mobile versions of websites and applications. Our potential is more than 300
publishers from different thematic categories (business, woman, man, sport,
automotive, lifestyle, etc.), who monthly generate more than one billion
mobile page views and the number is constantly growing.

Supported brand formats

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300x250 MRAID, Dynamic HTML, Pentagon, Slice Box, Store Locator, Video RTB
MRAID Click to ExpandRTB
320x160 → 320x320 MRAID, Video RTB
MRAID Click to FullscreenRTB
300x250 MRAID, Video RTB
320x50 MRAID, Video RTB
MRAID InterstitialDIRECT
320x480 MRAID, Postitial DIRECT
300x250 MRAID, Call, Dynamic Content, Gyro Shake, Gyro Tilt, Out-Stream, Product Explorer, Slider, Store Locator, Video RTB