The Aller Group is one of the Nordic region's leading media companies with a combined revenue of NOK 4.1 billion. The Aller Group has companies in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway with a total of about 2000 employees. The core business is the publication of magazines, newspaper-publishing, online publications and books.

Supported brand formats

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468x400 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis, Video DIRECT
3D Box LeaderDIRECT
980x400 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis, Video DIRECT
980x400 → 980x600 HTML5, IAB, On Rollover, Pushdown, Video DIRECT
In-Stream1x1 HTML5, Autoplay, Video, Video Wall DIRECT
1x1 HTML5, Autoplay, Expanding, Out-Stream, Video DIRECT
1x1 HTML5, Sticky, Video DIRECT
980x400 HTML5, Image, Inview DIRECT
MRAID InterstitialDIRECT
320x480 Fullscreen, Logo, Video DIRECT
300x300 Call, Dynamic Content, Gyro Shake, Gyro Tilt, Out-Stream, Product Explorer, Slider, Store Locator, Video DIRECT
Roll for VideoDIRECT
160x600 HTML5, Autoplay, Countdown, Video DIRECT
980x400 HTML5 DIRECT
468x400 HTML5, Video DIRECT
980x250 Responsive Carousel Ad DIRECT
980x400 HTML5, Image, On Click, Venetian DIRECT
Synchronized980x400 → 1680x1200 HTML5, Leaderboard, Wallpaper DIRECT

Creative Examples

Syklus - Recycling Game

Creative agency: Los & Co

Media agency: Los & Co

Vodafone - Shake

Creative agency: Adform Production

Media agency: MEC