Ekşi sözlük is an online dictionary built by it's users. Founded on 1999, Ekşi Sözlük was one of the first examples of Web2.0 even predating the term itself. Containing a detailed cultural and historical map of last 16 years of Turkish society, Ekşi Sözlük keeps it's constant growing pace now reached almost 23 million unique visitors monthly with 380 million page views.

Eksi Sozluk’s total banner ad impression volume is around 800 million per month. Eksi Sozluk also embeds video from 59saniye.com which results in 2.5 million video impression. Available transaction types on ADX are open/private auctions and preferred deals.Custom targeting options available for all ad inventories in eksisozluk.com as follows; sport, television, news, relations, politics, science, education, economy, fashion, music, automotive, game.

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