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Fyber connects app developers and media companies with advertisers through the power of technology. Across every device. We are an independent advertising technology company devoted to delivering global audiences at scale through a powerful cross-platform monetization & advertising solution. Our SSP, Ad Server, Exchange and Mediation products empower thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams and serves over half a billion monthly active users globally.

Supported brand formats

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300x250 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis, On Click RTB
3D Box LeaderRTB
980x120 HTML5, 3D Box, On Click, Vertical Axis RTB
IAB FilmstripRTB
300x600 HTML5, Filmstrip, IAB, On Click, Video RTB
480x400 HTML5, Inview RTB
300x250 Call, Dynamic Content, Gyro Shake, Gyro Tilt, Out-Stream, Product Explorer, Slider, Store Locator, Video RTB
Roll for VideoRTB
300x250 HTML5, Countdown, On Rollover, Video RTB
300x250 HTML5 RTB