DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), formerly called Google Dart, is an advertisement software as a service application run by Google. It can be used as an ad server but it also provides a variety of useful features for managing the sales process of online ads using a publisher's dedicated sales team. Should a publisher not sell out all their available ad inventory, it can choose to run either other ad networks or AdSense ads as remnant inventory in DoubleClick for Publishers.

Supported brand formats

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300x250 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis, On Click RTB
3D Box LeaderRTB
980x120 HTML5, 3D Box, On Click, Vertical Axis RTB
300x250 → 500x350 HTML5, Autoplay, Expanding, On Rollover, Video RTB
650x170 → 650x340 HTML5, Expandable (Two Files), On Click, Video RTB
IAB FilmstripRTB
300x600 HTML5, Filmstrip, IAB, On Click, Video RTB
In-Stream640x480 HTML5, Autoplay, In-Stream, Pre-Roll, Video RTB
MRAID InterstitialRTB
320x480 MRAID, Fullscreen, Logo, Video RTB
300x250 Call, Dynamic Content, Gyro Shake, Gyro Tilt, Out-Stream, Product Explorer, Slider, Store Locator, Video RTB
Roll for VideoRTB
300x250 HTML5, Countdown, On Rollover, Video RTB
300x250 HTML5 RTB