The Programmatic, s.r.o. provides professional services in the programmatic world. We are proud to run popular premium inventory collection of the brand safe inventory for advertisers and publishers. We hope you will welcome the availability of this premium inventory for your activities. May the effectiveness be with you!

Supported brand formats

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300x250 3D Box RTB
480x300 3D Box RTB
998x200 3D Box RTB
IAB FilmstripRTB
300x600 Filmstrip RTB
300x250 Slider RTB
300x250 Video RTB
300x600 Slider RTB
300x600 Video RTB
480x300 Video RTB
480x300 Slider RTB
998x200 Video RTB
998x200 Carousel RTB
998x200 Slider RTB

Creative Examples

Toyota Auris - Always a Better Way

Creative agency: Saatchi

Media agency: PHD

Dr. Oetker - Perfect for Sharing

Creative agency: N/A

Media agency: PHD