R2B2 is a network where you can programmatically buy advertising space on premium Czech domains.
R2B2’s portfolio consists of iDnes, Playtvak, and Prima PLAY for in-stream video ads and of iDnes, TN, Prima, Echo24, Lidovky, Nova, and others for RTB banners.

Supported brand formats

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3D Box300x250 3D Box RTB
480x300 3D Box RTB
998x200 3D Box RTB
IAB Filmstrip300x600 Filmstrip RTB
In-Stream1280x720 → 640x360 In-Stream, Out-Stream RTB
Standard300x250 Video RTB
300x250 Slider RTB
300x600 Video RTB
300x600 Slider RTB
480x300 Slider RTB
480x300 Video RTB
500x200 Floor Ad RTB
750x100 HbbTV RTB
998x200 Slider RTB
998x200 Video RTB
998x200 Carousel RTB
2000x1400 Skin RTB