ForwardAdGroup is one of Europe's biggest digital media sales houses. ForwardAdGroup reaches considerably more than half of all German Internet users per month with its digital media brands and provides advertisers with opportunities to rapidly expand their reach within their target group.

Supported brand formats

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320x160 MRAID, Dynamic HTML, Pentagon, Slice Box, Store Locator, Video DIRECT
MRAID Click to ExpandRTB
320x150 → 320x320 MRAID, Video DIRECT
MRAID Click to FullscreenRTB
320x150 MRAID, Video DIRECT
Side Bar450x750 HTML5, Sidebar, Video DIRECT
Standard300x50 HTML5 DIRECT
Synchronized1006x90 → 160x600 → 160x600 HTML5, Leaderboard, Skyscraper DIRECT
Synchronized1009x90 → 160x600, 160x600, 1006x250 HTML5, Leaderboard, Skyscraper DIRECT