WebSystem is the advertising agency of the 24ORE Group as well as of a selected group of other publishers of both the domestic and international market.

The variety of the media represented – daily newspapers, digital, radio, periodicals, cultural and educational events – make it possible for clients to target a varied audience with high education and advanced styles, with strong inclination to purchase and with above-average spending power.

Supported brand formats

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300x250 HTML5, 3D Box, Horizontal Axis, Video DIRECT
Dynamic Skin Pushdown970x100 → 970x420 HTML5, Pushdown, Skin DIRECT
300x250 → 500x500 HTML5, Autoplay, Expanding, On Click, Video DIRECT
Floating970x600 HTML5, Autoclose, Countdown, Floating DIRECT
980x630 HTML5, Autoclose, Autoplay, Countdown, Floating, Video DIRECT
990x31 → 990x250 HTML5, Autoplay, Billboard, Expanding, IAB, NEW, On Click, Responsive, Video DIRECT
970x100 → 970x420 HTML5, Autoplay, Pushdown, Skin, Video DIRECT
990x31 → 990x250 HTML5, Autoplay, Pushdown, Video DIRECT
1x1 HTML5, Out-Stream, Video DIRECT
MRAID InterstitialDIRECT
320x480 MRAID, Fullscreen, Logo, Video DIRECT
Open Door990x90 → 1440x1030 HTML5, Custom Solution, Open Door, Video DIRECT
Standard640x360 → 1280x720 HTML5, Custom Solution, Video, Wallpaper DIRECT
Synchronized Takeover300x250 HTML5, Click to Fullscreen, Video DIRECT

Creative Examples

The Post

Creative agency: Adform Production

Media agency: Websystem

BMW i8 - iPerformance

Creative agency: Adform Production

Media agency: Amnet