Zoznam.sk, one of the most visited Slovak internet portals, was founded in 1997. Zoznam is specialized in internet search on the Slovak web and currently offers more than 40 various online services. Portfolio of services is made of specialized magazines, offering quality content and covering various topics. The most notoriously known website in our portfolio is a news portal Topky.sk.

Supported brand formats

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300x250 HTML5, 3D Box RTB
300x250 → 300x1000 HTML5, Adtiles RTB
300x250 → 500x350 HTML5, Expanding RTB
300x600 → 1100x800 HTML5, Flipbook RTB
300x600 → 940x1200 HTML5, Chatterbox RTB
IAB FilmstripRTB
300x600 Filmstrip RTB
IAB SidekickRTB
300x250 → 1000x850 HTML5, Sidekick RTB
Roll for VideoRTB
300x250 HTML5, Countdown, Roll for video RTB
300x600 HTML5, Slider RTB
300x600 HTML5, Responsive Carousel Ad, Vertical Axis RTB
300x600 HTML5, Venetian, Vertical Axis RTB